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King Soopers Cards to Benefit CSH Football

The Grid Iron Club would like to thank you all for your fundraising efforts during the season by re-loading your King Soopers gift cards. We are consistently earning between $450 and $500 every month with this fundraiser!
We would like to encourage you to continue to use your King Soopers cards, even during the off-season, but we understand that some of you will have other fundraising obligations and may not be able to contribute through the winter and spring months.
If you are not planning to use your Grid Iron Club issued King Soopers card for a while, leave a small balance on it to ensure that your card does not de-activate while it is in “hibernation mode”. That way you’ll be able to use it again without interruption whenever you are ready.  (if a card has a zero balance for more than 90 days it will no longer work and you’ll need the Grid Iron to issue you a new one).
We do have a supply of extra cards so if you find that you need a new card between now and next season, please contact: Monette Nickels at 4nickes@comcast.net


Thanks again, and GO CHARGERS!